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23 Oct


What Is The Songbook Project, Anyway? Let Me Tell You

October 23, 2012 | By |

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Alright, so here’s the deal. Musicians are bummed out more and more because there are less and less gigs. Jazz musicians in particular used to be able to count on playing at clubs multiple nights a week in metropolitan areas all over the country in order to support themselves. Due to many different forces at work in our culture, this simply doesn’t happen anymore. People have A LOT more things to divide their attention and to entertain them. They stay in more.

Most people in the industry are upset with this, but I am trying to shake up our business model and ADAPT to today’s local music industry. I figure if you’re going to stay in all the time, I’ll sell you some music to listen to while you’re there. Rather than producing one album every couple of years, I will send you music ALL THROUGH THE YEAR that you can listen to on your CD player, on your ipod… whatever you want.

Basically, I mail you 50 songs through the year (this year they were split up between 10 CDs… next year will be similar) that are COMPLETELY exclusive. This complete collection will only go out to subscribers… which is really cool if you happen to like my music. We cover American Songbook composers… guys like Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, & George Gershwin. You pay $95 (or $85 in October), and I send you some of the greatest music that has ever been written in our country. 

Not only are you getting a great deal by subscribing… you are also helping me to live full-time as a musician and to support the top-notch productions that Mr. Dave Rezek and I put on throughout the year. 

This year, subscriptions will run for $95. If you order in October, though, I’ll give you $10 off ($85)! IF you happen to get TWO subscriptions (as a gift for a friend) or you refer someone to subscribe, I’ll give you ANOTHER $10 off. You could get these 50 limited edition recordings done by my band for a mere $75.

So, email me if you’re interested. If $75-85-95 is too much for you at one time, I’ll work out a payment schedule with you that DOES work. I WANT you to have this music. 

Thanks as always, friends.